Nila Swim and Aquathlon


In case you didn't know, the 28th SEA Games is coming to town! With tons of happenings lined up for fans and the public already in place, here are two activities you sporty people should not miss! A once in a lifetime (the odds are real!) opportunity to take part in the SEA Games community run or aquathlon! Here are 8 reasons why:

Five reasons to join the Nila Aquathlon

1. Support the host of this year’s SEA Games

For the first time in forever (cue Frozen soundtrack), our great country is hosting the 17th Southeast Asian Games, just in time for SG50 (what a coincidence)! Since supporting as a spectator is too mainstream, catch the spirit of the games and support it athlete style by joining some of the sporting events like this one.

2. Feel like a SEA Games athlete

Ever want to feel like a real athlete? No, Kinect Sports doesn't count. The Nila Aquathlon will be held pretty close to the actual triathlon site. So step into their shoes and run in their footsteps (literally).

3. Experience the thrill of open water swimming

Living on an island surrounded by water, it's not a bad idea to try swimming in it. You know, in case of a tsunami scare. A bit of fair warning, open water is quite different than the pool. The event offers a clinic that'll equip you with the know-how to thread our exciting waters. Newbies are also required to attend a trial, so to look glamorous for the actual event.

4. Freebies

Like all races, it comes with the usual t-shirt, swim cap, shoe bag and race e-certificate. But think about it, SG50 + SEA Games. If you know anything about how much the government (over)spends on these kinds of events (coughYOGcough), there's bound to be things that'll make it more value for money.

5. Rock that summer body

It's the summer! Like every other day in Singapore! To most, it's the mid-year/post-exam break. That means letting your hair down and baring it all like the Kai Kai and Jia Jia! The event will be packed with photographers to catch your Baywatch moment. Pick out your favourite swim/run gear and practice posing for your next display picture.