Singapore Fitness Model Search - Physique War 2015


At the gym? Better check in else it doesn't count. Once you're done, finish off with a nice tan and show off your hard work at the largest display of #spornosexual happening next month.

The Physique War edition of the Singapore Fitness Model Search organised by Fitness Movement Singapore is a physique sports competition. Unlike bodybuilding competitions, the focus is on aesthetics physique over muscularity, so Justin Bieber would qualify in his CKs (if you don't mind a puke fest) but Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't.

In line with the organiser's vision to promote fitness as an achievable lifestyle, Physique War is aimed to encourage people to show the results in hope of inspiring others to do the same. Nothing works better than seeing your  favourite #fitspo (fitness inspiration) strutting their stuff to guilt trip you away from that prata for supper.

As an aesthetics competition, competitors are categorised by height and it also features younger age groups, with teens, youths and seniors over 25 (holy shit, I'm considered old already). While you can't do a #gymfie on stage since registration is closed, tickets are still on sale. So grab your gym buddy and wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah cause you work out. #SexyAndIKnowIt

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 5 April 2015 Time: 12.00pm - 4.00pm Location: Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium Tickets: $29 Ticket booking:

For a better idea, check out the event highlights from the Singapore Fitness Model Search 2014.

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Fitness models inspiring others towards healthy living

They strutted their stuff not just for personal glory, but also to inspire others to have a healthy lifestyle.

It was a battle of brawn as almost a hundred competitors flexed it out against each other at Physique War held last Sunday to a sold out venue at the Singapore Polytechnic auditorium.

This edition of the Singapore Fitness Model Search (SFMS) organised by Fitness Movement Singapore is a physique sports competition. Unlike bodybuilding, the focus is on aesthetic balance instead of maximum muscularity, hence the contestants are more akin to swimwear models. Unique to this edition is the emphasis on youths, with extensive teens and juniors categories.

In his opening address, Bodybuilding Singapore president, Kevin Chiak, revealed how leveraging on the increasing popularity of physique sports to promote healthy living led to the creation of the event. Its impact was made apparent by the large turnout of both contestants and audience.

Who better to be role models than the youthful contestants. Half of them are of a ripe age below 20 years old and another quarter up to 25. Despite being amateurs on stage, they still sport killer athletic physiques that rival their senior counterparts.

Among the seniors were SFMS veterans including Jason Chee, Deepak Parida, Caethrin Unjoto and Jasmine Neo. The panel of judges also consisted of veterans, like SFMS winner Ben Chia and Muscle War champion Eugene Cheong.

Without rating purely on muscularity, the audience left the judging of flair and style to the expert panel. Some results turned out surprising, but nonetheless deserving, leading to some dramatic wins like when Gordon Tay clinched gold. Crowd favourites like Zainuddin Abdullah and Jason Chee also did their screaming fans proud by bagging gold in their respective categories.

Having tasted the physique sport, contestants would hopefully participate at the professional level later this year. Physique fans can look forward to the much hyped Singapore Nationals Weekend, with SFMS - Nationals on 22 August and Mr. Singapore Bodybuilding Championship on 23 August.

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