10 Healthy Gift Ideas from Travelling


It’s the December holidays and you’re swapping your smelly gym gear for that sexy swimsuit. Oh wait, you still have to do some Christmas shopping that won’t disappoint your friends at gift exchange. Why not grab it while you’re travelling? Here’s some suggestions that would also subtly remind them of their bulging waistline.

1. Gym membership

It’s sad to leave your favourite gymming grounds behind. Fret not, you can still get the same experience when you travel. Like anything commercial, some gyms have been franchised worldwide. The membership rates also differs by country, along with various promotions. So signing on during your winter getaway could potentially save you some extra bucks, which also makes a perfect gift for that gym bunny, globe-trotting friend.


2. Fitness tracker

There’s no better way to push you towards your fitness goal than some hard, raw data on how much you’re slacking. That’s what fitness trackers do. Depending on the model, it can show your daily steps, heartbeat, workout progress, sleep and how long your bum has been glued to the chair. For travelling, it’s a good way to help you sync your sleep cycle and ensure you get enough shut eye.


3. Jacket

A travelling essential, to help you stay warm during long flights, brave the harsh weather you might face or lend to a damsel when they complain to look macho. Look out for this during your overseas shopping spree for offers, especially at factory outlets or warehouse sales, and exclusive designs.


4. Running Shoes

If this is not in your luggage, you’re probably wearing them. Other than being very comfortable and durable, you can bring them out to explore the nearby scenery while getting a good workout. Like the jacket, you can look out for these during your shopping sprees too.


5. Gym bag

They’re designed stupidly big not to hold more load, but to throw stuff in when you’re lazy (or tired after a workout) and go. They’re also lightweight, making it a perfect travelling item to hold your shopping loot or as a carry-on luggage.


6. Hiking backpack

An alternative to the above, these can probably survive through war and contains an assortment of pockets and slots. You can forego some hipster satchel for something that can accompany you through a mountain climb or countryside cycling.


7. Fitness workout video

Stuck in your hotel room? Change to your workout gear cause you’re going to burn off those street food. Bring along these DVDs, or get them on your phone or tablet to guide you to a full body workout without any equipment. And the best part is that you can get all of your travelling buddies to join in too for some active bonding time.


8. Body lotion

After a day out basking in the sun or getting shrivelled up in a cold country, your skin could do with a bit of moisturising. Helps keep you feel rejuvenated and looking younger. Also can be used in massaging your partner after the strenuous workout above. Or perhaps after the more strenuous workout later.


10. Waterproof/resistant earphones

Travelling would definitely involve long commutes, likely with annoying companions, which can be made endurable with some music. Hauling your luggage everywhere also risk your belongings getting damaged. That’s why you need some rugged, waterproof earphones to survive the trip. Works well through different climates and goes everywhere that you do.


10. Tea

An unorthodox but a personal favourite gift from travels. Tea is a common beverage across all cultures, yet have their own distinct differences. They share the trait of having some form of health benefits, whether for detox, cleansing your bowels or helping you to sleep. Also they’re relatively inexpensive, making great souvenirs for family and friends.


A great gift is usually a practical one. So get one that will help the recipient in their new year’s resolution. See you at the 1st January gym crowd!